ChloroFilms Session 1 WINNERS

Fertile Eyes, Author: Ela Lamblin - VIEW VIDEO

fantastic vesicle traffic, Author: Daniel von Wangenheim, 1st prize technical - VIEW VIDEO
La Bloomba, Author: Kris Holmes, 1st prize artistic - VIEW VIDEO
PSI - Are my soybeans wearing different genes?, Author: Burkhard Schulz , 1st prize general/student film - VIEW VIDEO
The Carnivorous Syndrome in 3D:Part One, Author: Mike Wilder, 1st prize for series - VIEW VIDEO
The Carnivorous Syndrome in 3D:Part Two - VIEW VIDEO *
The Carnivorous Syndrome in 3D: Part Three - VIEW VIDEO *

FromFlowerstoSeeds, Author: Debbie Swarthout - VIEW VIDEO Technical
Pollination Methods: Cucurbits, Author: Karl Haro von Mogel - VIEW VIDEO Technical
Angiosperms: The Secrets of Flowers, Author: Kate March - VIEW VIDEO General
Serotiny in Jack Pines (Growing Better), Author: Chris Martine and Dave Fleming - VIEW VIDEO General
The Science of Cool, Author: Sharon Robinson - VIEW VIDEO Technical
Measuring Leaf Area with Adobe Photoshop CS3, Author: Zach Jarou - VIEW VIDEO Technical
Photosynthesis 101: presented by Dr. Undergrad, Author: Thomas Miller - VIEW VIDEO General
Photosynthetic Peep Show, Author: Renato Buanafina - VIEW VIDEO General
Mitochondria, Author: Michelle Bell - VIEW VIDEO General
"Sweet Home Apparatus" - the ultimate Golgi music video, Author: Anne Osterrieder - VIEW VIDEO General
Resurrection Plant, Author: Stephen Saupe - VIEW VIDEO Technical
The Pines, Author: Nancy Gabriela Santos Hernández - VIEW VIDEO General
The Pine Tree and the Pressure Chamber, Author: Ken Shackel - VIEW VIDEO General
The Fastest Flights in Nature: A Fungal Opera, Author: Hayley Kilroy - VIEW VIDEO General
Fields of Study: Pepper Breeding, Author: Karl Haro von Mogel - VIEW VIDEO Series
Fields of Study: Switchgrass Breeding Author: Karl Haro von Mogel - VIEW VIDEO *
Fields of Study: Corn Breeding Author: Karl Haro von Mogel - VIEW VIDEO *

Foil Flower, Author: Craig Dehner - VIEW VIDEO General
Dying to live: programmed cell death in lace plant cells, Author: Arunika Gunawardena - VIEW VIDEO Technical
Alternative Transposition Generates New Genes by Exon Shuffling, Author: Jianbo Zhang - VIEW VIDEO Technical
A Day in the Life of Jenny Artichoke, Author: Amelia Min-Venditti - VIEW VIDEO General
Wild Oats, Author: William E. Dyer - VIEW VIDEO General
Plants and Memory, Author: John Davis - VIEW VIDEO Technical
Plant Cell Motility and Laser Microsurgery of Cytoplasmic Strands, Author: Franz Hoffmann - VIEW VIDEO Technical
Etiolation in Action, Author: Joseph T Carr - VIEW VIDEO General
Grassland, Author: Amanda C. Lease - VIEW VIDEO General
Plants Get Sick Too!, Author: Sarah D. Ellis - VIEW VIDEO General
What is Urban Forestry?, Author: Marla McIntosh - VIEW VIDEO General
The Legend of the Three Sisters, Author: Justin Brigham - VIEW VIDEO Technical
The Science of Christmas Trees, Author: Brady Haran - VIEW VIDEO General
Taxodium mucronatum chiapas, Author: Margarita Vazquez - VIEW VIDEO General
Pigment, Author: Burkhard Schulz - VIEW VIDEO General