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The Carnivorous Syndrome in 3D: Part Three

     Author: mike wilder


This series presents several genera of carnivorous plants, in 3D. It is intended to be useful for general and more botanically sophisticated audiences. Each episode begins with a brief introduction by the director, undergraduate Botany student Mike Wilder. Episode One begins with general information about plant evolution, cellular organization, and photosynthesis, with an emphasis on the profound importance of primary productivity. The episode continues with a hypothesis for the origin of carnivory in plants, and then looks at several species of Drosera. Episode Two examines the Pinguicula, Utricularia, Cephalotus, Heliamphora, and Nepenthes. Episode Three looks at Dionaea, then travels to Japan to see Dr. Chiaki Shibata studying Pinguicula in habitat. This episode concludes by noting that many species of carnivorous plants are threatened or endangered, and reminds the audience of the profound importance of plant diversity. After the credits, there is a brief animated sequence illustrating the lego robot Wilder built to film this movie.

This series does contain short segments by Chiaki Shibata, Romuald Anifraix, and Archipelago. In all cases, these works are used with permission. No portion of this series infringes any copyright.