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Fields of Study: Corn Breeding

     Author: Karl Haro von Mogel


Fields of Study is a series of interviews with accomplished plant breeders, covering a wide range of important crops including maize, peppers, biofuel crops such as switchgrass, etc. Each “Fields of Study” video focuses on individual breeders and their background and contributions to the field. The breeders discuss what crops they work on, the importance and impact of their research, and their personal connection to their chosen career. The emphasis is on the human aspects of plant breeding, and what they most enjoy about improving plants for human use. The videos also emphasize what it is that plant breeders do, and show how they go from thousands of different plants to the one that becomes a new variety. These videos are aimed at a general audience, and are intended as a primer for interest in plant breeding. They will also have educational value for people who would like to learn about the breeding efforts that are behind the foods that they eat. Additional Information - Higher resolution versions of these videos are available here: