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Pollination Methods: Cucurbits

     Author: Karl Haro von Mogel


Pollination Methods: Cucurbits is part of a series of step-by-step, instructional videos on how to make controlled crosses with plants. The videos will cover a wide range of techniques applicable to open-pollinated, insect-pollinated, and self-pollinated crops, ranging from agronomic to horticultural species. The controlled pollination method videos are technically-oriented and are targeted to high school and college students with some background in plant biology. They will be useful for students learning about plant breeding methods, and may be of interest to backyard and commercial hybridizers of various crops. The cucurbit video explains the biology and origin of common cucurbit species, which ones can cross with each other, and how to make controlled crosses yourself. Some of the methods commercial seed producers use are mentioned, and finally, the genetics of seedless watermelons are explained. Additional Information - Also available in a higher quality at: