Contest Rules

Contest Rules for Contest #4

1) The contest is open to anyone (not limited by nationality or age).

2) Videos for contest #4 must be uploaded and available on YouTube no later than 11 pm (EST) on December 12, 2010. This same deadline applies for online completion of the entry form. Videos must be publicly accessible on YouTube for at least three months after this date.

3) You may enter up to three videos or video series in this competition. The videos must be new and first uploaded to YouTube on or after April 16, 2010. Videos that were on YouTube at any time prior to this date are not eligible (this restriction includes any versions that are substantially the same as the entry).

4) Maximum video length is 10 minutes. Most winning videos were less than 5 min in length. Note that YouTube also restricts the file size and file type that may be uploaded. YouTube supports High Def (1280 x 720) resolution, which we highly recommend.

5) For each video entry, you must do three things: (a) complete an online entry form; (b) add the tag ChloroFilms to the Video Information on YouTube; and (c) include the web address somewhere in the video description;

6) There are three categories of videos:
» General,
» Technical,
and » Series.
General videos are intended for the public and do not assume knowledge of technical terms. They should educate, inspire and promote interest in plant biology in an entertaining, compelling or humorous way. Technical videos are for more specialized information, e.g. for use in classes or research. Video series consist of two of more videos connected by a common theme and will be judged together. They may be either general or technical.

7) Qualified videos that fit the contest's objectives will be evaluated by review panels set up by ChloroFilms for this purpose; recommendations of the review panels will be finalized by the ChloroFilms executive board, whose decisions are final. Although English is not the required language for the video, the video must be understandable by an English-speaking viewer. See Tips &Judging for more details.

8) Grand Prize is $1,000; multiple categories will be eligible for 1st Prizes of $500; 2nd Prizes of $250; and Honorable Mentions. Up to $14,500 in cash awards will be available for winning entries in this year's two contests (with deadlines in January, April and December 2010). The list of winning videos for this competition will be posted on after January 15, 2011, and winners will be contacted by email to gather additional information needed for payment, to be made by the Pennsylvania State University.

9) By entering the contest, you certify that your video is original and does not infringe on copyright laws. You agree that ChloroFilms may advertise or promote your video and at its option it may host the winning videos or links to the winning videos on its website or the websites of its supporting organizations.

10) ChloroFilms, its associates and supporting organizations will do their best to run the contest in a fair and efficient manner, but they assume no responsibility for any direct or indirect losses or consequences you may incur in participating in this contest. ChloroFilms may modify the contest rules and operating procedures, to insure the competition is fair and effective.